Hey guys,

I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the volatility & madness going on within markets. I’ve got a nice piece lined up for you coming out this Friday so stay tuned!

This mail is a little different, you’ll see.

I have a request that requires your help, yes you!

Me deciding what topic to break down on Market Macro Hub every week...

As we grow, it is essential to look forward and seek improvement from every angle. That way you, as a part of the MMH community can expand your knowledge of the investment/global macro world in an easy and digestible format.

The aim here is to democratise the world of global macro and investing, breaking down the complex jargon and ideologies to laymen’s English where the playing field for us all becomes equal for us to thrive within.

What I Need From You.

Below there are three simple questions I would love to hear your answers to:

  1. What encouraged you to sign up for this newsletter?

  2. What are some points that you think we should work on?

  3. What material would you like to see more of?

  4. (Optional) General feedback on the platform.

Kindly send all answers to the email below, your answers help shape MMH.

Why Your Answer Matters

Without continuous iteration there can’t be any growth - the only reason you’re here is to grow and stay in tune with macro events; it’s my priority to help push your thoughts and whilst doing so hopefully become a foundational platform for your market insights/understanding.

You will see adjustments based on your feedback & more ideas/new initiatives from me moving forward!

As always, thanks for your help and the feedback above!

any other enquiries/feedback drop an email:


We’ll be back on Friday for an extensive piece! Stay tuned