Abit sombre?

Yes it is, it’s official guys, as some of you may have seen by my twitter, I have officially moved Market Macro Hub to Substack.

I want to be able to interact with you, hear your thoughts, provide even more valuable actionable trade ideas and trade themes for you to grow your knowledge and portfolio.

That’s the end goal at the end of the day, alpha.

To achieve this we’re moving forward with Substack, Scriber has been an amazing platform to host and birth what has now become an aggressively growing macro army, and I’m proud to have your support moving forward.

I’ve already moved your emails to Substack so don’t worry about having to sign up or do anything, you will be seeing all my market insights from next week coming from Substack, so make sure to favourite that email address to avoid it going to junk/spam.

It will now be easier to access my research notes both on mobile via the Substack app and email of course, all you have to do is read and react!

I say it time and time again, I truly appreciate your support and a huge thanks to the Scriber team for being the home for all 750+ macro heads and growing.

Next milestone 1,000.

See you next week MMH gang, level is going up.